As with building-mounted signs, a freestanding sign is well explained by the name itself. It is a sign that is freestanding, or not attached to a building. These signs also may be located away from the business, such as at a highway exit or at the entrance to a business complex.

The most effective types of signs for your business can often be determined by the location of your building, for example, if it’s in a shopping center, business complex or stand-alone area.

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Some of the most common freestanding signs include:
Directional Signs

show the way for pedestrians or drivers and are especially useful when a business is not clearly seen from a complex’s entrance. Interior directional signs also are known as wayfinding signs.

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs)

include changing messages and other information, such as time/temperature on many bank signs.

Multi-Tenant Signs

display the various tenants of a business complex or shopping center and are most likely located near the entrance to the property.

Monument Signs

Good option to use for street level visibility. Can be made from stone, glass, stucco, brick, aluminum, steel, or other long-lasting materials. The base materials are typically complementary to the materials used on the exterior of the building or in surrounding landscape materials.

Pylon Signs

Large freestanding structures that help direct and attract pedestrian and commuter traffic to your business location.