Neon Signs in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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About Neon Signs

Neon signs are electric signs that employ the use of the rare gas neon among other gases. These signs are usually in the form of long and luminous gas discharge tubes. Neon signs, despite being popular all over the world, were very common in the United stated between the years of 1920 and 1960. Apart from neon signage, neon lighting is now being employed by architects and artists and also in plasma display panels and TVs. In the past several decades, the use of neon lighting has gone down.

Neon signs are made by the art of glass bending into different shapes. A glass bender, neon bender or a tube bender skillfully crafts the glass tubes to the required shapes. The inner parts of the tube are coated using a thin layer of phosphorescent material that makes it shine when an electric current passes through. The tube is filled using a purified mixture of gases which is ionized using a high voltage that is applied at the ends of the tube. The color of the light that the tube emits may be the one coming from the gas, or the phosphorescent layer. In most of the mass produced low priced neon signs today, a clear glass tube is made with a translucent paint in order to produce light with certain color.

In advertising and commercial signage, light emitting tubes filled with neon gas are designed to form colored lines that can be used to draw pictures or even write text. By having different parts of the tubes switch differently, different dynamic patterns of light can appear and form animated images. LEDs are increasingly replacing neon signs in some applications. Proponents of neon signs although maintain that it has more advantages than LEDs.

Neon signs has many uses that include decorations, passing messages such as ‘no smoking’ signs, and the most common, getting your business known by customers.