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Over the years Turner Sign Systems, Inc. has produced dozens of electric signs for religious organizations. Because many churches across the U.S. are located in and  around neighborhoods, cities and counties have developed sign code guidelines which dictate a church signs’ height and square footage.

These guidelines tend to be fairly uniform which allows Turner Signs to streamline the process of buying a church sign. Please take a moment to look at the 4 versions available. These illustrations are able to be customized to meet your design needs. Please contact us here or request a free sign quote here.

Custom Church Signs For Your Place Of Worship

Having high-quality and customized signs for your church is crucial because it gives off a professional yet welcoming feeling. If you are looking to upgrade the signs at your church, you should explore the wide array of options available to you. While traditional black and white signs are fine, you have so many more modern and eye-catching options. These options are affordable and give your church the polished yet inviting look that you desire. The best part is that signs can be 100% customized, so you can get something that truly suits your place of worship.

If you want your new signs to match the current style themes of your church, then you can easily do so. For example, you may have specific colors used in your brochures or on your church’s website. You can design a custom sign to have the same color and font as these other media forms. This gives off a put-together look that is memorable for your visitors. You may also have a logo or slogan that is tied to your church. This can be added to your new signs, too. The customized options are virtually endless.

It is necessary to note that not all sign vendors allow you to fully customize the signs you purchase. Choose a vendor that specifically offers custom church signs among other custom signs. This will ensure that you have the creative freedom that you want. Prior to choosing a sign vendor, consider reading reviews of vendors to see if they have satisfied customers. You can also contact the vendors to see the specific services they provide. This will allow you to ensure that you get high quality service from a professional company. Then you can enjoy the new signs for your place of worship.