Plastic Signs in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Plastic Signs Options

Plastic signs are an affordable option for that temporary informational outdoor signage. Whether you need to put a sign advertising a product or services on sale or an upcoming outdoor event, plastic signs are the best and most affordable option. You can have them done in bespoke signage to suit your needs.

The beauty in this signage option is the material. Plastic is a very affordable, durable, and multi-functional material that comes in an array of colors, weight, and texture. Therefore, the signs are available in different sizes, designs and plastic materials. Given the fact that, plastic is a printable material, the result that once can achieve when using plastic signs are almost limitless. Here are some of the common plastic signage options available in the market.

Polystyrene Signs – are thin, lightweight, flexible, and smooth plastic signs. Given their quality, these signs are ideal for wall mounted information signage and can be used on medium-sized billboards. However, their flexibility and thinness makes them the wrong choice for long-term alfresco signage.

Corrugated Signs – are made of a ridged plastic material that is used for making tough outdoor plastic signs. The signs are ideal for making durable mobile advertisement stands. The ridges on the plastic make it possible to incorporate other materials such as metals (aluminum and steel) or wood to give them the capacity to be self-standing ad boards for outdoor events and service promotions among other ads. Also called coroplast signs, they are lightweight but incredibly sturdy; the lightness makes them an excellent option for indoor use and their toughness making them perfect for outdoor signage.

Acrylic Signs– bring in the versatility of plastic. The signs have a subtle glossy finish that makes them perfect for that sophisticated signage that exude a more high-tech look. Acrylic signs are very durable yet are thin and lightweight. Unlike other types of plastic signs, the acrylic signs come in a clear option for that upscale contemporary presentation.