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    Monument Signs

Monument signs are free-standing and highly visible because they can be placed very close to the road and are usually eye-level to passing traffic. An effective, well-designed monument sign can be your key to bringing potential customers to your door. With so many different options as far as the physical design of the monument LED signs are concerned, there are a wide variety of options which can be experimented with, making sure that your company is represented in the most professional manner. An effective, well-designed monument sign can be your key to bringing potential customers to your door. Turner Sign Systems designs, fabricates and installs a variety of types of monument signs for our clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas. For more information about monument signs, please contact us here or request a free sign quote here.

A Guide To Designing A Monument Sign

There are many designers who wish to expand their knowledge in the area of monument designing but do not take much effort to do so. You can only expand if you are willing to learn. The following therefore is a guide to help you through designing a better monument than what you have ever come up with.

Step 1; Gather data
If you wish not to disappoint your customers then you need to get your data correct before you start constructing one. Ensure you know all the exact size and measurements of a monument that the county or the city allows. This will let you work knowing exactly what you want. Get photos of other monuments and ensure that you liaise with the architecture of the building if it is still under construction because it is important as well.

Step 2; Get the Monuments’ components
The signs main body, the cap, the cabinet, its foundation and the support are the main components of a monument. The most important thing is to ensure that you join all these components to make one interesting thing. Make it build-able and readable to those who will pass by it.

Step 3; Do not over-design it
Do not over-design the monument; rather make it simple but beautiful. Many designers wil overdo the monuments they make only to disappoint their customers. Work around with catchy colors and styles, and remember simplicity is always the best option.

As you follow these steps, ensure that you are in line with what your customers wants, otherwise you will risk losing them. You should also learn to take time when trying to come up with different designs of a monument, because it will allow you have variety to showcase. Have fun as well; as you try to make your own designs, it can make you money.