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Channel Letter Signs are currently the number one choice of sign identification for business professionals. Channel Letter Signs¬† can be either building-mounted, freestanding, or even an interior sign. With illuminated channel letters, you can communicate your message even when you’re not open. These illuminated signs enable you to convey your message even late at night, after the business has been closed for the day. Here at Turner Sign Systems, our professionals are willing and able to create your illuminated channel letter; creating a sign that will shine brighter and last longer than the competition. Turner Sign Systems designs, fabricates and installs a variety of types of channel letter and reverse channel letter signs for our clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas. For more information about channel letter or reverse channel letter signs, please contact us here or request a free sign quote here.

Two Ways To Make Your Channel Letter Sign A Success

When you want business to boom, you first think of advertising and marketing. A Channel Letter Sign is easily one of your most effective tools for promoting your company. Here are two important ways to get the most out of that signage.

Stick With Your Brand Image

Brand is everything and it’s important that the Channel Letter Sign you choose reflects what your company is about. For example, if you run a small accounting firm, you don’t want flashing red lights. On the other hand, if you’re a hip tattoo parlor, bells and whistles, including flashing red lights might be spot on.

Whatever temperament your brand projects in its daily operations, show that with your selection of signage. Particularly if you have an established logo, that may be all you need to properly represent your company.

Choose Appropriate Colors

Colors are as much a science as they are an art, as they have the power to invoke emotions (in your customers). Blue is often used to signify trust, whereas green might indicate a down to Earth, natural company. Depending on your business type (and again, that all important brand image) you can use different colors to make a positive impression on people passing by, and actually get them to stop in. As an example, a yellow (invoking happiness or satisfaction) sign featuring a steaming hot cup of coffee could pull customers in on a blustery, rainy day. Since red is considered a real stimulant for people’s appetites, use that to feature food; pink is romantic and feminine, so use that color to attract a certain demographic.

Don’t just pick your favorite color or one that matches your building’s exterior, rather, take advantage of all the scientific studies that have gone into the power of color.

Channel Letter Signs do much more than simply look pretty: They give your customers and potential customers a way to identify with you. Make the sign count and make it shine – it will have a positive affect on your bottom line.