Carved Wooden Sign


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Carved wooden signs tell customers who you really are and a little about your business. You can use carved wood signs for your business, boats or RVs. They bring about a rustic feeling to any place you put them.

Things to consider when getting carved signs:

You have to choose the right sign that complements your RV, boat, business or home. There are very many styles available. Many people prefer the rustic style as it gives that old American woodsy feel. You can also get engraved signs if you want something modern and detailed.

Many of the people also prefer personalized messages to the standard templates offered. Each and every business offers pre-made designs but you can make your own. This will allow you to design it yourself from scratch if you want a custom made design.

You have many designs to choose from
Simple carved wooden signs only have words only. However, you have the freedom to add anything you want. The most popular backgrounds include farms, animals and landscapes. You can also choose any colors you want for your sign.

Check the quality of wood
All carvers do not agree on the best wood to use for signs. Good, sturdy woods are considered the best type for carved wood signs since they can last for a long time. Redwood sequoia is the best type of wood for sturdiness, taking paint well and looking good.

The standard wood used in the industry is cedar. Spanish cedar and red cedar are considered to be quality woods. They are known for weathering the years well. There are many quality carvers who use poplar and spruce.

Make sure the company you use handpicks their wood. The carver should be very picky about what they carve. Take a look at the samples the company has done, touch it and see how the finish feels. The sign has to be professional and attractive. The wood should also have few knots unless it is a style you are looking for.

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